Time Stands Stll.webp

Kevin Scott Hall
Time Stands Still (single)

Single release by singer/songwriter/author Kevin Scott Hall. Produced by

Tim Di Pasqua. I play acoustic guitar and electric guitars. Released 2021.

Tim Di Pasqua - Place In This World.jpg

Tim Di Pasqua
Place in This World

Wonderful original pop music from singer/songwriter/pianist Tim Di Pasqua. I play guitar on 4 tracks and solo on 2. Released 2020.

Piktor's Metamorphosis - Jazz-Rock.jpg

Piktor's Metamorphosis

Live recording with Fusion band, Piktor's Metamorphosis. Released 2011.


Tim Di Pasqua 
I Hear You (single)

Single release by singer/songwriter/pianist

Tim Di Pasqua. I play acoustic guitar and mandolin. Released 2021.

Lisa Viggiano - Invited to Stay.JPG

Lisa Viggiano
Invited to Stay

Acoustic duo performance with multi-award winning cabaret vocalist, Lisa Viggiano. I play on 7 of 11 songs. Released 2020


Ken Cicerale & Monroe Quinn

Home studio produced jazz duo recording with dearly departed friend and wonderful saxophonist, Ken Cicerale. Mostly original compositions. Released 1999.


Drew Hill 
Cheer Me Up (single)

Single by singer/songwriter Drew Hill. Drew is a founding member of Liverpool, the house band for the national touring show, The Fest For Beatles Fans, of which I was a member in the 1990's.
Released 2020.

Carey Finn - What If.jpg

Carey Finn
What If

Beautiful singing and production from singer/songwriter Carey Finn. My playing is heard on the entire recording. Released 2012.

Alan Quinn Big Band - Live at Casey's.JPG

The Alan Quinn Big Band
Live at Casey's

Swinging Big Band recording led by my brother, Alan Quinn on trumpet. I play rhythm guitar. Released 1989 (vinyl only on eBay!)