above photo: Ellen Philpott Solinas

Guitars, etc:
2020 Fender Custom Shop '59 Strat Heavy Relic Stratocaster, 2019 Gibson SG Standard '61, 2018 Gibson Acoustic SJ-200 Studio, 2018 Taylor 956ce Acoustic 12 String, 2017 Rosewood Telecaster, 2016 Epiphone Casino '65 Elitist w/ Bigsby vibrato, 2007 Rickenbacker 330 12 String with vintage single coil (toaster) pickups, 2001 Peavey Wolfgang, 1991 Gibson ES-175D, 1989 Gibson Chet Atkins Classical Electric, 1985 Fender Squire Stratocaster, 1969 Gretsch Country Gentleman, 1954 Epiphone Triumph Regent acoustic archtop, Tanglewood TW28 acoustic/electric steel string, Walden Natura N550CE Classical electric nylon string, 2014 Eastman MD515 Mandolin, 1924 Weymann Model #1 Tenor Banjo.


Vox AC30C2X, Vox AC15C1X, Roland JC-120, Polytone Mini-Brute, Crate Vintage Club 30, Walter Woods M1 100-8 Head, custom cabinet w/10" EV speaker, Epifani cabinet w/ 12" EV speaker, Vox Adio Air GT.


Current pedalboard: Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, Wampler Ego Compressor, Wampler Tumnus Mini V2, Foxrox Octron 3, Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer (modded by AnalogMan), Wampler Plexi Drive Mini, JHS Crayon, TC Electronic Vibraclone, Analog Man Mini Chorus, Strymon DECO, Boss DD-7 Digital Delay, Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb, MXR CAE Boost/Line Driver. Also used frequently: Boss RC-3 Loop Station, JHS Pedals 3 Series Reverb, JangleBox Compressor, Dawner Prince RedRox Distortion, Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress, Friedman BE-OD, MXR EVH Phase 90.


Mogami and Monster Rock and Jazz instrument cables.


I use Sibelius notation software for all arranging and copy work.


Monroe plays and is a proud Endorser of Pyramid Strings.